I Am Calling For Colours #3. May I Invade You?

I Am Calling For Colours #3. May I Invade You?, 2020 - 2022

A part of The House That Talked in Its Sleep, exhibition with Guðbjörg Lind Jónsdóttir, Egill Sæbjörnsson and Ágústa Oddsdóttir

Driftwood, acryl paint, gemstones, glimmer, rusty plate, a variety of old materials from The Tub
The Tub Art Space, Þingeyri, Iceland, 2022 

Plastic-like driftwood cocoons float around your body, inboth opposition and in sync with your present surroundings. The pastel-coloured pieces are accompanied by plastic diamonds, a rusty plate, glimmer and found materials from the old house it inhabits, The Tub. All subjects have in common a swaying connection to Iceland. I Am Calling For Colours was first exhibited at The Factory Art Exhibition in Djúpavík, 2020. One year later, a part of the installation was on display at the group show Nature in Transition, Shifting Identities at The Nordic House in Reykjavík. Inside of The Tub, the work was unraveled in yet another context: an abandoned house in the village of Þingeyri.

For each new journey, elements are being added and subtracted. Each new location calls for new colours: yells for new stories, attempts for new identities. The installation circles around the idea of what once was and what is now, paying tribute to the invasion of the past into the future and vice versa.

*Photo nr. two: in collaboration with Björgvin Agnarsson