Art Curation - The Factory Art Exhibition


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Artwork: Grímsey Island by Cole Barash, 2017

Photo by Emilie Dalum

Artwork: Yumo Wu. Original concept art for Ólafsfjörður, an album by Passepartout Duo with Yannis Zhang and Yumo Wu, 2018

Photo by Emilie Dalum

Artwork: Ísinn. Frozen by Katharina Lob, 2019

Photo by Patrik Ontkovic

Artwork: Casa Obscura by Claudia Hausfeld, 2019

Photos by Emilie Dalum

Artwork: White Fog by Kristín Geirsdóttir, 2018

Photo by Emilie Dalum

Artwork: Minningarsafnið/The Museum of Memories by

Guðbjörg Lind Jónsdóttir, 2018

Photo by Emilie Dalum

Artworks: Signal by Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir & Leviathan by Brian Cheung, 2019

Photo by Patrik Ontkovic

A video of The Factory 2019,  by Heide Schimke

A video of Carissa Baktay installing her work Of Things I Can't Unthink, 2018 by Heide Schimke

The Tub / Balinn Art Space 

The Tub / Balinn Art Space hosted its first exhibition the Summer 2019.

The gallery can be found at Brekkugata 8, 470 Þingeyr.i  Doors will open again with new exhibitions Summer 2020.


2017 : Agnieszka Sosnowska (US/IS), Annie Ling (TW/CA), Carole Musialek (FR/CA), Clara Bro Uerkvitz (DK), Cole Barash (US), Dan Elborne (AUS), Emilie Dalum (DK/IS), Erhard Roth (CH), Etienne Ketelslegers (BE), Gabrielle Cerberville (US), Gudrun Havesteen Mikkelsen (DK), John Rogers (UK), Julia McKinlay (UK), Kira kira (IS), Marika-Drolet Ferguson (CA), Mary Walters (UK), Nanette Melchior (GER), Rahel Erny (CH), Rósa Sigrún (IS), Serene Hui (HK), Tihana Frankovic Kralj (CR), Małgorzata ‘Maga’ Jarosik (PL). 

2018 : Aishling Muller (IR), Carissa Baktay (CA), Christine Hackbarth (GER), Dao Strom (US), Gabrielle Cerberville (US), Imanol Mendizabal Goiburu (SP), Sarah Kendall (US), Katja Hasenöhrl (GER), Katrina Jane Perry (US), Maresa Jung (GER), Margret Schopka (GER), Michel Handschumacher & Bruno Fleutelot, Mixtúra Artists' Group: Guðbjörg Lind, Kristín Geirsdóttir, Jean Larson, Ólöf Oddgeirsdóttir (IS/US), Passepartout Duo (IT/US), Yannis Zhang & Yumo Wu (CH), Paulina Pankiewicz (PL), Réza Kalfane, Julie Dodge & Randy Antonia Lott (FR/US), Thierry Ruedin & Cecila Gonzales (CH/AM).

2019 : Anna Joelsdottir (IS), Brian Cheung (AUS), Claire Paugam & Raphaël Alexandre (FR), *Claudia Hausfeld (IS), Claudio Sodi (MEX), Gail Baxter Lace (UK), Heide Schimke (GER), Jana Rinchenbachova (CZE), Katharina Lob (GER), Katie Craney (US), Kerryn McMurdo (NZ), Nathalie La Hargue (FR), Pauline Brami (FR), Raimonda Sereikaitė - Kiziria (LT), Rhona Taylor (UK), Sabine Fischer (GER), Sarah Nance (US), Sarah Thomas & Jonny Randall (UK), Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir (IS), Sigurður Ámundason (IS), Tereza Kociánová (CZE).

* Exhibition held in The Tub / Balinn art space, Þingeyri

The Factory 

The Factory is an annual art exhibition, held in the old fish factory in Djúpavík and the newly established gallery The Tub / Balinn Art Space in Þingeyri, Iceland. The focal point of the group show is to explore the artists’ personal perception of Iceland.


As a multidisciplinary exhibit, The Factory showcases a multitude of visual arts including: drawings, sculptures, paintings, video art, photography, and art installations.

This fosters a diverse and dynamic show, welcoming a broad audience.


The vision of The Factory is to unify a series of artworks under the theme ‘Iceland,’ which highlights the beauty of the country and the creative power it gives people. Contrasts merge and unify inside of the old buildings. Thus, works reference the spatial and environmental perception of Djúpavík and of Iceland as a whole.


Iceland has inspired thousands of artists, thus proving how the wildness of nature can become the wildness of man. The topic 'Iceland' is tireless and timeless. 

Hosted by Hotel Djúpavík  // Art curator Emilie Dalum

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